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Caren's own story

Caren was first introduced to NLP in 2003. Having just set up her own business, 'Appletree Language Tuition', she wanted do something to give it a competitive edge.

When NLP was described to her as being 'the key to learning' and how to 'be the best you can be', it seemed the obvious choice.

That was the start of a fascinating journey, both personally and professionally. Yes, NLP is the key to learning, but it turned out to be much more than just that. The results NLP brought into Caren's own life, and the doors it opened were so significant, that she felt the need to teach it to others. Being an experienced trainer already, she developed a further dimension to her business of providing tailor-made NLP training for private individuals and corporate clients.

Caren particularly likes the fact that NLP is solution-focused and that the techniques, once learnt, provide a toolkit for life.